Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can impact many areas of your life…

  • “I sometimes feel that I’m not present, that I am observing from outside myself.”
  • “I used to enjoy having sex with my husband. Now, I can’t go near him even when he’s just being affectionate.”
  • “I recognize that I am seeking love ‘in all the wrong places’ but I can’t seem to help myself.”
  • “First I started drinking. Then I stopped. Then I started bingeing. Then I stopped. Then I developed depression. As I was recovering from depression, I started having anxiety attacks.”

sexual abuse therapy because sexual assault is any sexual contact without consent
The inner world of a sexual abuse survivor can feel out of control and very frightening. The supportive guidance of a trained therapist can assist in creating a sense of containment. Establishing a safe place might be the first goal of treatment and in doing so, the process of reclaiming one’s life has begun.

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