Recovering from trauma…

Severe stressors and traumatic events dramatically impact on us physically, emotionally and physiologically. Symptoms develop when these events overwhelm the nervous system’s ability to cope.

These symptoms are characterized by avoidance behaviours, heightened arousal and re-experiencing of the trauma in the form of flashbacks or intrusive memories.

  • “My life hasn’t been the same since…”
  • “I no longer feel safe.”
  • “This has shaken my beliefs. I don’t know what I believe anymore.”
  • In fact, I’m not sure if I even know “me” anymore.”

 trauma makes us a stranger even to ourselves
trauma makes us a stranger even to ourselves
Individuals can have extreme reactions to reminders of the traumatic event. Other symptoms include nightmares and sleep disturbances, depression and feelings of hopelessness, headaches, fatigue, memory problems, shock and anger.

Here is some information you might find helpful: How to deal with flashbacks and Self-help for depression

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