Relationship problems…a psychologist can help.

These are the kinds of concerns that clients bring to therapy.

  • “I love my partner but I’m just not happy.”
  • “My partner calls me controlling.”
  • “We are dealing with the aftermath of an affair. I don’t know if we’ll make it.”
  • “Can my relationship improve if my partner refuses to come to therapy?”

For most of us, our relationships are the primary source of love, joy and warmth. And although our similarities often draw us together; it’s our differences that keep us there.

Issues that arise in relationships are often well served by seeing a couples therapist. (Though I do not offer couples counselling.) A well trained marital counsellor who is directive in his or her approach can prevent further damage to old wounds.

This type of therapist can contain the energy in the room while the couple learns new ways to approach old problems.

Sometimes however it becomes apparent that personal issues from our family of origin are preventing us from proceeding further. In this case, I provide individual therapy as an adjunct to your couples work.

Just know as well that many of my clients have found that their personal therapy has been very beneficial to their partnerships and the relationships they have with their children. (These instances are some of the most rewarding aspects of my practice.)

Here are some of the goals we can achieve together:

  • How to interrupt patterned responses and over reactions when your buttons get pushed.
  • How to create a safe haven so differences can be discussed without confrontation.
  • Learn how to separate sufficiently from one’s family of origin in order to invest fully in the partnership.
  • Learn to identify a model of healthy togetherness based on mutual respect for each other’s separateness and uniqueness.

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