2017 in Pender Harbour

picturesque view of boats in Pender Harbour

Beautiful Pender Harbour

I’m in Chapter 3 of my life and I felt it was time to become rooted into a community of like minded people. So last year after only a surprisingly short period of time soul searching, I decided to move to Pender Harbour.

I guess it was an idea who’s time had come 😉

As an avid nature lover, I was drawn to the beauty and tranquility offered by this location. I was also pleasantly surprised to find it populated by an active group of citizens who volunteer in no less than 50 groups! How’s that for community building.

As such, I plan to close my Vancouver practice over the next year. Please note however, I will continue to be available via online therapy for my current clients.

I look forward to working with you!

Dr. Susan LaCombe