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Is your life is going off in the wrong direction?

Are you finding it hard to get back on track?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Even though the world offers us so much, many have given up or settled for living on a level that’s far short of their full potential. Anxiety, depression or relationship problems consume their day to day living.

But with what we’ve learned from brain science, we now  have the tools to make a symptom-free life a reality. Indeed, each of us can use these new insights to create more a balanced and fulfilling life.

The counselling I provide is grounded in cutting-edge neuroscience.  It offers a gentle, non-cathartic means for making the necessary internal changes that allow you to step into your life.

Please don’t let anxiety, depression or relationship problems hold you back from achieving the life you were meant to lead. Consider these as mere bumps in the road for that’s all they are in the scheme of things.

If you are just beginning your search you might find it helpful to visit my FAQ page. However, don’t hesitate to call if you would like further information or to chat for a few minutes while you get a sense of who I am.

“A Psychotherapist for Therapists”

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